On this page you can hear some of our members reading their own work and author interviews.  They are displayed alphabetically by surname.
The audio players are coded as follows:-
Red = Poetry
Blue = Short Stories
Green = Flash Fiction
Purple = Interviews
Please press the start button (then stop at the end) of any pieces you wish to hear.  We hope you enjoy listening and would welcome your feedback.

Viv Apple

Roy Bainton
Graham Wright chats to our President  [recorded in 2010]

Keith Havers
"It's Only a Commercial" [Verse of the Year 2016 Winner]

Keith Havers
"Losing Stuff" [Manuscript of the Year 2016 Winner]

Graham Wright
"To: HR@CisternSolutions.co.uk"

James Wright
"Tie Break"

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Recording sessions usually take place at our full meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the New Mechanics building.  If you are a NWC Member interested in recording your work please email Graham Wright via enquiries@northpointproductions.co.uk.  Thank you.

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